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Aquarium Log
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Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
4:25 pm
Got rid of the new Empress.. I had good reason to believe it was a male; it began to color up and my nice male colored DOWN. Now that it's been removed, the nice male's colored back up again!

Added an Anubias nana. It's very pretty. Also on third day of Melafix, as some fish are showing signs of fin rot (rosies). I cannot do a water change at the moment, something I know will help a lot. Our water heater is BUSTED. GAH.

Fish are now fed a good mix of OSI spirulina flake and the homemade food. They're thriving on it and will eat the homemade diet straight out of my hand :D

Fish are wonderful. Someone at work has told me that he likes fish but told me that there isn't much difference from fish in a tank and fish on a pc screen. I then told them about how interactive my fish are and how thrilled they are to see me (if only for food), and he was quite surprised. Perhaps his attitude has changed?

Though they may seem droll and boring and far away from us, many are very personable, outgoing, and interative. My rosies really enjoy it when I take a small platic mug and drag it across the surface of the water, creating a strong current. They will jump right into the current and swim against it, seemingly turning the current into a fishy treadmill. Oh yes, fish are indeed great :D
Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
1:48 pm
1-23-05: Rearranged the tank layout, sexed some fish. Labs are 1M, 2F, 1 unknown though possible male. Demasoni still unknown. New Protomelas highly likely to be female. Amazon sword losing ground rapidly, java fern doing good, vallisneria slipping away, cryps hanging in there.

At night, female proto aggressively chases male. Not sure why.

Temperature now at around 78-80, slowly raising it to 80-82.
Thursday, January 20th, 2005
8:36 pm
Monday, Jan 17th:
Added new P. taeniolatus specimen, as yet unsure if fish is male or female. Fish is approx 4-5" long with some color in dorsal and caudal fins. Papillae appear female, but things could still be a surprise. Confirmed male Empress rather likes the new fish and tries to court it. New fish is still getting used to things.

A few days prior to that, I performed a water change, about 30-40%. Added flourish, trimmed the plants (they are suffering). All fish look good. Completed a five-day course of food-soaked metronidazole.

Jan 11th, added three Pseudotropheus demasoni. LFS guy says they are all males, I will wait and see. All appear healthy, one looks very nice, the other is okay, the other not as nice. We'll see if they improve with time.

Working on a DIY background, it's slow going. Must remember to update this more often!
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
2:04 pm
Water change, updates
Been awhile since I logged anything. Here is what's up:

Before water change:
pH- 7.8 (yay for crushed coral)
Ammonia- 0
Nitrite- 0
Nitrate- 0-3pmm (looow)

Just did a water chg, about 15-20%. Several days ago, picked up four new fish. Two inchlong labs from Boardroom Aquatics, Fort Myers, a Protomelas taeniolatus from Petsmart and a red peacock (eureka red or german red?) from Petsmart, also in Fort Myers. All fish doing great. Suspected bloat in red empress as it was spitting out food and showing white, stringy poo, but symptoms have since gone away. Expecting shipment of metronidazole soon, will feed met-soaked food for awhile just in case. Should help out everyone involved.

Tied java moss and three java fern offshoots to new rock structure. All else looking great!

Edit: added full dose of Flourish, capful + extra drips.
Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
1:06 pm
Water change log:
10/14/04- 15%, 1/4 cap Flourish added (full cap added a few days ago)

Water parameters: Nitrites 0, did not test ammonia (assuming to be 0) or pH (should be around 7.6, kind of low). Nitrates are at 5 ppm, very low, in fact it's too low. Had to take a break between water changes to let nitrates rise because the plants needed to eat. Water quality otherwise impeccable.

Notes: Picked up 2x55w Compact Fluorescents, 6500k. Lighting MUCH better, plants seem happier. NO fluorescent fixture not on tank for one week due to upcoming vacation (less accessible with both fixtures on the tank). Put BioMax media from AC300 into Emp400 for more biofiltration. Still need AC500. May pick up some more cichlids while on this trip. AC300 filter bag over Emp400 intake a success at keeping out plant detritus but also keeps out most other objectionables. Back to square one. Plants seem to be doing better, however. Still thinking about the DIY CO2 project I want to do.

Fish observations: Dominant male lab being total ass to suspected female lab. Jerk. We need more labs. Everybody terribly excited at feeding time, as usual. Everyone tries to eat me, even. Except for the cory cat. He's laid back.

Costs (recent ones only):
CF bulbs: $70
NO fixture + bulbs + rig for raising it above tank surface (temp): about $20
Seachem Flourish: about $9
AC300: about $25
12:52 pm
75 gallon mixed Malawi, live plants

Startup: July 2004
Compact fluorescent lights: ? 2004
NO Fluorescent lights: October 2004
Emp400 carbon: Oct 8 2004

Water change log:
10/8/04- 20%, 1/4 cap flourish added

Notes: Picked up NO fluorescent lights/fixture. 2x40w 6500K daylight lamps, may or may not purchase. Still need to purchase 2x96w 10,000K compact fluorescent bulbs. Received AC300 (AC70) today, does NOT fit on tank. Crap. Need AC500, will exchange at future date. Pondering modifications to Emperor400 as inspired by AquaClear's filters such as awesome sponge, carbon bags, and biomedia. Maybe those blasted Emperor cartridges will be thing of the past? Experimented with slitting cartridges at top and emptying out spent carbon, replacing with Marineland DiamondBlend carbon. Not as easy but may be more economical.

New development! We're keeping the AC300 and putting it on a 10 gal. May turn 10 gal into another cichlid tank, but primarily will be home for the two platies and cory cat. maybe we'll get a 20L or something neat like that!

Used an AC300 filter bag to cover the intake of the Emp400 in the hopes of keeping out any loose java moss/vallisneria detritus that clogs the intake/impellor. Hope it works. Test on water urgently needed; been over 4 weeks since last test.
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